Six Lifts - One Ton - One Year

The Strongest Year Of Your Life

Program Summary

6 Functional Barbell Strength Workouts per week

13 Four Week Mesocycles  -  260 workouts Total

Hundreds of dollars in free bonus resources - nutrition, mobility, technique training

Video explanations of everything on the program site - programming, movements etc.

Private Facebook Group for coaching and community support

Current special: 1 week trail for only $1

The One Ton Challenge
Use six lifts to total 2000 pounds for men and 1200 for women
The One Ton Challenge Training Program will get you there

Six lifts to get to a total of 2,000 pounds for men and 1,200 pounds for women

  1. Snatch
  2. Clean
  3. Jerk
  4. Squat
  5. Deadlift
  6. Bench press 
We are taking out all of the things that make other competitions less fun, like metcons and running.

There are no weight classes, no singlets, no stage in front of an audience.

Instead you can lift at your home gym, with your music, and your friends.

You can take as many attempts at a lift as you want.

Strength comes from taking challenges head on and we want more strong people in the world.
Build Your Squat
Powerful hips.

Stronger legs.

Your biggest muscles are about to be stronger.

Your Quads.  Your Glutes.  Your Hamstrings.

All you need is the confidence to add the weight to the bar, to put it on your back and to push like hell.

You can never be too STRONG.

PR Your Snatch
More strength = More Power = Bigger Snatch

Stronger arms and shoulders.

More stable overhead.

Rock solid, full depth, catch position.

Speed under the bar.

Your best lift ever awaits.
Bench Press a Mountain
Muscle on your chest is like body armor.

It's a clear sign that you've put in the work, you're a warrior and you're not to be f#cked with. 

Stronger pecs, delts and triceps.  Everyone wants it.

"What do you bench?" is about to be your favorite question to answer.
BIG Cleans
It'd be hard not to clean more than ever after building more powerful hips and stronger legs.

Your bigger and stronger squatting muscles will carry over to a bigger clean and a stronger catch position.

Your leg drive and your extension will feel explosive, stronger and more stable.
Stronger Overhead
Greater leg drive.

Stable shoulders.

Upper back, shoulders and arms will be worked and will come back stronger.

Rock solid traps, delts and triceps.

Dip, Drive, Catch, Recover.

More weight than ever.
Total body strength at it's finest.

Stronger spine, back, grip and hips.

Build your pull from the floor, strengthen your lockout.

Real men can deadlift well over 2x bodyweight.  If you're not there yet, this year is your year.

Crush the bar in your hands, lock your back in place, your new 1RM is coming.
Lift Your Way Into
The One Ton Club

  • Snatch: 230
  • Jerk: 315
  • Squat: 405
  • Bench: 300
  • Clean: 290
  • Deadlift: 520

One Ton Total: 2060

  • Snatch: 135
  • Jerk: 186
  • Squat: 250
  • Bench: 300
  • Clean: 181
  • Deadlift: 290

One Ton Total: 1202
6 Lifts.  One Ton.  One Year.
How It Started
Blame John Cena...

John Cena brought Anders Varner, host of Barbell Shrugged, to Florida to complete the challenge.

It was 2015 and only 31 people had successfully entered the club.

Over the next 48 hours, Anders managed a total of 2009 pounds.  It was an event that marked more than a weightlifting total.

The 2009 pounds showed that the years of dedication in the gym were for far more than moving weights.

The kind of person formed from having a goal and going after it.

The kind of person who organizes their life around working through challenges rather than avoiding them.

That kind of person ends up surrounded by amazing people all pushing for improvement.
You deserve more. But you gotta earn it.
The One Ton Challenge is a comprehensive training program specifically designed to get incredibly, ridiculously, stupid strong.

We'll provide all the necessary training, information and guidance you need to make a complete transformation into a stronger, faster and more muscular you.  It's up to you to take control of your training and make it happen.

Sound good? Keep scrolling to learn more.
What do you get?
4 mandatory workouts & 2 optional workouts per week specifically designed to make you stronger, faster and more explosive so you'll soon smash your PRs on all six lifts!
You'll get a free copy of the One Ton Challenge diet template (retail for $97 each) designed to show you exactly how to eat while in the program.
Video Explanations
There are video breakdown of each mesocycle explaining "why" & "how" each workout is to be done + movement demos, technique coaching videos.
Nutrition For Weightlifters
Online Course by Doug Larson
Need a full breakdown of exactly why, when and how to eat during the program?  This course has everything you need.

Normally sells for $197; you get for free with your membership!
Movement Specific Mobility
Online Course by Doug Larson
Doug Larson's video course to help you assess and address your mobility limitations so you can improve your range of motion and likely reduce your chances of injury

Normally sells for $197; you get for free with your membership!
Membership Site Access
Instant access to the members-only site with archives of all your workouts and course materials.
Who Did The Programming?
Travis Mash

Once the Strongest Man in the World

Travis is the best weightlifting coach in the United States.

Was once a powerlifting world record holder in the total (all 3 lifts combined) and one of the greatest lifters of all time.

His National Champion weightlifters earned best male and best female lifters in the country at this year's USAW Nationals.

He's the best person in the world to write the programming for the One Ton Challenge.

If Travis can't get you strong then there is no hope for you...
A Full Year of Programming
Thirteen 4-week mesocycles each with a specific objective.

You'll always be working on total body strength with a slight emphasis on one of the big six movements.

Meso 1:  Squat 1

The first weeks of the program you'll be laying the groundwork for the entire year.  You'll build muscle and increase tissue resilience in preparation for Squat 2 where you'll go heavier and heavier. 

Meso 2:  Squat 2
Time to add some more plates to the bar, this meso is about squatting big weight.  Get some extras sleep, you'll be hitting a big 1RM squat at the end.

Meso 3:  Snatch 1
Time to use all your new squatting strength to PR your snatch.  Total body strength is still programmed with some extra emphasis on cleaning up your snatch technique and prepping to go extra heavy in Snatch 2. 

Meso 4:  Snatch 2
Ready to snatch heavy?  PRing your snatch is one of the most accomplished feelings you can have in the weightroom.  The time is now.

Meso 5:  Bench 1
Time to give your upper body some extra love.  This meso will have an extra emphasis on adding some mass to your chest, shoulders and triceps while keeping all your next found squatting and snatching strength.

Meso 6:  Bench 2
"How much ya bench?"  Bench 2 is all about lifting heavy and getting ready to PR your bench press!  Stronger pressing strength is in your future.
Meso 7: Clean 1
Shifting the emphasis back to legs and pulling strength this meso is all about improving your clean.  Technique and volume are emphasized getting you ready for extra heavy barbells in Clean 2. 

Meso 8: Clean 2
This is the meso where you PR your clean!  The weights getting heavier, the intensity gets ramped up and you make some dope Instagram videos to show proof you're getting stronger.

Meso 9: Jerk 1
Overhead strength, shoulder stability and jerk technique are emphasized in this meso.  Total body strength is maintained as you prep to put some big weight overhead in Jerk 2.

Meso 10: Jerk 2
The biggest weight you've ever put over your head will happen in this meso.  Jerk 1 prepared your shoulders to lockout and stand up with the heaviest barbell you've ever attempted to catch overhead.  Ready to PR your jerk?

Meso 11: Deadlift 1
We saved the best for last.  The deadlifts is your ticket to joining the One Ton Club.  This meso helps you build some extra muscle in your glutes, hamstrings and back.  You're spine will be ready for some big weight in Deadlift 2.

Meso 12: Deadlift 2 
This is the heaviest meso in the entire program.  Your whole body will be kept in peak condition while you await the biggest deadlift of your life at the end.  

Meso 13: Peak for the One Ton Weekend!!!
You've done the work.  You've hit new PRs.  You're stronger.  Time to show the world how strong you've become.  We'll tighten up your technique and you'll be ready to peak at the end where you'll attempt a PR at all 6 lifts over a single weekend and see how high you can get your One Ton Total! 
Programming is 4-6 days per week
4 mandatory sessions - Mon,Tues,Thurs,Fri
+ 2 optional sessions - Wed,Sat

Example - Lower Body

Example - Upper Body
6 Lifts.  One Ton.  One Year.
Bonus courses

Here's some great resources to dial in your nutrition, mobility and recovery
One Ton Challenge Diet Template - Goal: Strength
Eating to build strength is easiest if you have a simple template in which to follow so you know what to eat, how much to eat and exactly when to eat ($97 value each)
Movement Specific Mobility Online Course
Doug Larson's video course to help you assess and address your mobility limitations so you can improve your range of motion and likely reduce your chances of injury

Normally sells for $197; you get for free with your membership!
Nutrition For Weightlifters Online Course
Need a full breakdown of exactly why, when and how to eat during the program?  This course has everything you need.

Normally sells for $197; you get for free with your membership!
The Big Six
The One Ton Challenge is all about PRing your big six lifts.  Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Snatch, Clean, Jerk.  In this training guide by Travis Mash he gives you all the details you need to know for complete mastery of the movements ($47 value).
What are the benefits?

Stronger Confidence
It's comforting to know that you look jacked when taking off your shirt at the pool, are training outside on a nice day or are about to have sex.  The last thing you want feel in these situations is insecure... not because you don't look good but because you know you could look much better if you'd simply buckle down and follow a legit program written by a world class Strength coach like Travis Mash. 

Stronger (Hotter) Body
There, we said it. We've had a number of guys (and gals!) tell us how much their sex life and sex drive have improved since getting into better shape with our programs. Besides getting stronger and looking better, you may very well have lot's more energy and stamina to go all night long. We're certain that'll get you some thanks from your current or future significant other.

Have we mentioned this yet?
  You'll get stronger blah blah blah strength blah blah blah more strength blah blah......

One Ton Nutrition
We'll help you reach your goals but you're gonna learn a ton too. Whether you want to just get better as an individual athlete, a coach or help someone else, we're going to teach you how to train, eat and live like a professional athlete so that you can be better prepared in the future with yourself or others.

Strong Props
Stick with this program and people will notice the changes. Seeing yourself everyday it may be hard to tell, but you'll know as soon as you start getting a bunch of questions asking "what are you doing?" and "you're lookin' badass!"

6 Lifts.  One Ton.  One Year.
Who needs it? Who doesn't?
This program probably isn't for you if...
You're a douche-tool, Negative-Nancy and/or a Program Hopper...we only want super-motivated, positive and cool people who would like to get stronger, loves to lift heavy barbells and is always down to motivate others, not bring them down.

You're a professional, high-level powerlifter or weightlifter who is super strong can already total well over 2000 pounds and is wanted to focus on conditioning then this program isn't the right fit.  This program is only for you if you currently want to get as strong as you possibly can.

This program is for you if...
You're "kinda strong", but definitely know you could be much, much stronger.  You just need some great programming and to put in the work.

You're ready to build your self up to look stronger, feel stronger and BE STRONGER.

You fully recognize that even if you're not the best in the world at lifting heavy weights, you're also not the worst and you're confident that you can handle a program that will kick you in the ass on weekly basis without wussing out.

You believe in yourself and are confident that you can do the workouts as well as eat enough food and get enough sleep to recover eventually smashing your old PRs.

You think lifting weights is rad (it is...).

You want to build a brand-new body and do it the right way by GETTING STRONGER and BUILDING MUSCLE with real-world, athletic movements like snatches, cleans, jerks, squats, deadlift and bench presses.

If you said "HELL YES!" to all those things, then YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!
Lift Your Way Into
The One Ton Club

  • Snatch: 200
  • Jerk: 230
  • Squat: 290
  • Bench: 190
  • Clean: 240
  • Deadlift: 320

One Ton Total: 1470

  • Snatch: 231
  • Jerk: 308
  • Squat: 440
  • Bench: 319
  • Clean: 319
  • Deadlift: 440

One Ton Total: 2057
What makes this program different?
You need a program that's specifically designed (by Travis Mash, the best weightlifting coach in America btw) to get you stronger, more explosive and more muscular.

What makes The One Ton Challenge different is that it focuses simultaneously on raw strength needed or the powerlifting movements (squat, bench, deadlift) as well as on the explosive strength needed for the Olympic movements (snatch, clean, jerk).

If it was as easy as "just get more athletic by working out more" everyone would already be super strong.

Like many people, we weren't always the smartest about how we trained growing up and now, having much more experience and having made a mission mistakes along the way, we realize the massive importance of having a comprehensive training program like this one.  You're in good hands.

We're excited to your freaky strong, check out the commitment levels below and we'll see you in the program!
6 Lifts.  One Ton.  One Year.
How To Get Access
Get access in three simple steps!
Step 1
Click link and fill out orderform
Super simple.  Choose a commitment level above, click the button, fill our your basic information (name, email, card number etc) then click the join button.  Done!
Step 2
Open email and get username and password for The OTC Athletes Site
The email will be automatically sent to you within a few minutes of joining.  It'll have a link to the Private One Ton Challenge Athlete Site which will house all of your programming and training materials as well as your login information and other instructions on how to get started.
Step 3
Login and explore!
You'll have a few days before Day 1 of the program is here (get a few full days rest before starting by the way... you're going to want to start this program fresh).  Go ahead and login to the site and take a look around, they'll be a welcome video to help you.  Also, join the Facebook group while you're at it.  Day 1 will be here soon enough!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
All options come with 30 day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you're not super-thrilled with the program within 30 days, return it to us for a FULL REFUND of your 1st payment.  No questions asked and we're still cool.  :-)So in other words: You ALWAYS have 30 days to try the program risk free!
Lift Your Way Into
The One Ton Club

  • Snatch: 145
  • Jerk: 205
  • Squat: 305
  • Bench: 160
  • Clean: 190
  • Deadlift: 325

One Ton Total: 1330

  • Snatch: 245
  • Jerk: 315
  • Squat: 440
  • Bench: 265
  • Clean: 345
  • Deadlift: 525

One Ton Total: 2135
6 Lifts.  One Ton.  One Year.
How long is the program?
The goal of the program is to get you into the One Ton Club within 1 year. 

One Ton.  One Year. 

So there's 52 weeks total.  Each of the 6 movements has an 8 week training block in which you focus on improving, peaking and PR-ing at the end of the training block.  

The last 4 week of the program you'll prep, taper and peak for a 48 hour One Ton Challenge lifting meet in which you'll be put to the test, max out on all 6 lifts and join the One Ton Club when your total exceeds 2000 pounds for men and 1500 pounds for women. 

Who is this program for?
This is for you if you want (or need!) a comprehensive strength and conditioning program to guide you on your path to being the strongest you've even been.

This program is designed to help you gain strength, PR all your big lifts and look the part (you're about to get jacked!).

Your success mostly depends on your willingness to commit, be consistent and adopt a learning-orientated mindset (listen/watch Barbell Shrugged Episode 189, if you don't know what we mean by this).  Go BIG.  Do all the workouts, eat, recover and you'll make amazing progress.
What kind of equipement do I need?
You’ll definitely need a barbell, weights, a squat rack. Bumper plates are really nice to have because you can drop them. If you don’t have bumper plates, and you have to lower the weights to the ground, invest in a good pair of lifting straps to help control the lowering.  Lifting/jerk blocks, chains/resistance bands and a climbing rope are nice to have but not absolutely required.
What if I get injured or have an existing injury?
If it's a serious injury then we highly recommend seeing a doctor and/or physical therapist as they specialize in treating injuries.  Minor injuries and/or aches or pains won't likely cause you to have to abandon training all together and there's likely still much of the program you can still do.  Example:  Wrists hurt overhead on full snatches, you can still do snatch pulls and front squats etc.

How long will I have access to the workouts?
Depends on how long you signup for; you'll have access to all program materials for as long as you're an active athlete.
What if I'm still working on my Oly technique?

Who's not "still working on their Oly technique"?  Yes, there will be video resources to teach you proper snatch, clean and jerk technique. 
What days will I be training?
There are 4 mandatory training days per week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

The 2 optional training days are Wednesdays and Fridays.  You can choose to do one or both of them, it's up to you... all depends on how much time you have available to train and recover.

How long do workouts take?
On the mandatory training days (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays), the full workout from warm-up to end should take about 60-90 minutes if you are timing your rest periods well and training without distraction.

On the optional days, the workouts should take less than an hour.

Can I still get quality results if sometimes have to miss a workout?
Absolutely. To get the maximum benefits of the program, we recommend you at least do all 4 of the mandatory workouts.  If you miss a workout just get right back on track and in the grand scheme of things it won't be a big deal. 

Life happens, just make sure you leave the past in the past and start each day focusing on what you can TODAY to get better. 

Do I have to do the workouts exactly as written?
Nope!  If you want to add a movement or two that you really enjoy then go for it!  Also if you have an achy wrist or shoulder etc and one of the programmed movements just doens't feel so great then you're welcome to choose a similar movement that feels better on that particular day. 
Can I do extra work or my gym's workouts?
You definitely can still do a workout here an there at your home box if that’s what you would like to do, but in all reality you probably won’t need to do extra work outside the program.  But it is nice to metcon with friends, so don't hold back if you just love competing and being a part of the group... just don't over do it or it could be hard to recover after a few weeks. 

That said... everything you need to get stronger is provided and no additional workouts are needed.

My gym won’t let me do my own program, what can I do?
Honestly that’s a bummer and although we haven’t had much of a problem with that in the past, it may be an issue for some. Our suggestion would be to try to present this program to your coaches or the gym owners in a way that shows you’re making a conscious, mature, motivated decision.

Offer to stay out of the way as much as possible and explain this is something you REALLY want to do then maybe they’ll let you do your own thing.  Even better, recruit them to do it with you!

6 Lifts.  One Ton.  One Year.
6 Lifts.  One Ton.  One Year.